General Information

Texas Regional Radio & Music Association, LLC

The Texas Regional Radio & Music Association, LLC was developed by the Texas Regional Radio Group to recognize the artist,  songwriters,  radio stations and other industry standouts for their achievements throughout the year.   This association shall be the avenue by which nominations and voting for the TRR Awards shall be interpreted and decided from the electing membership.   This membership association was created for qualified members to have a voice in a selection process for the TRR Music and Radio awards.   To have nomination and voting privileges,  you must be a member in good standing of the Texas Regional Radio & Music Association (TRRMA).   All applications are subject to final approval of the Association’s Board of Directors.   ALL membership applications and “Nominating and Voting” privileges shall take place thru the website.   Membership is the backbone of the organization, and the Group relies on their suggestions and support to develop programs that expose the world to not only the best of Texas/Red Dirt music,  but also the future artists of this genre.






The TRRMA group will offer four types of Memberships and three defining category levels of membership for individuals and approved industry personnel,  artists,  companies or organizations.

  1. Decide which type of renewable annual membership suits your taste (“Platinum”, “Gold”, “Silver” or “Bronze”)
  2. Then choose from the list of category memberships that best qualifies your particular categorical membership.
  3. Complete the TRR Membership Application form; submit your required membership fee and you’re on your way to helping decide the winners of this year’s awards.

Applicants are subject to final approval of the Group’s Board of Directors.