About Us


The Texas Regional Radio (T3R) Music Awards Show and Radio Summit Group are proud to announce the 12th Annual Texas Regional Radio Music Awards Show to be held on MARCH 27-28, 2022 in Arlington, Texas .  This is the 12th annual event where many esteemed industry folk from all over the this region of the United States will attend to witness the noted Texas/Red Dirt artists/entertainers  and radio receive recognition for their accomplishments and sacrifices in the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene.    The Texas Regional Radio chart and database will be used to confirm the nominated.   Artists who did not chart or debut a single in the qualifying time frame on the Texas Regional Radio Chart will not be eligible for awards.

The 2022 12th Annual TRRMA awards show and Future Faces show is proud to return to our original location…Arlington, Texas.  It will be split into two days and event locations.  Cowboy Church will be held in the Arlington Backyard of the Texas Live venue, The Future Faces Show will be held at the PBR Cowboy Bar located in the magnificent Texas Live! facility in Arlington and the Awards show held in the main arena of the Texas Live! venue.

As the awards show returns for the 12th consecutive year it will continue to offer legitimate, authentic and logical awards based on radio and chart success, touring success and fan input.  The event will not only attract prestigious radio programmers and Texas/Red Dirt superstars, but also music industry experts from within the Texas Music industry, the Nashville scene and fans alike.   This year, we will host a Red Carpet walk prior the door opening and seating as the artist and radio personalities stroll into the arena. The Red Carpet event will be hosted by Will Payne and Barry Diamond of KITX and the Payne music group in Hugo, Oklahoma.

Who Are We and Why?

The Texas Regional Radio & Music Association was developed by the Texas Regional Radio Group and is the avenue by which nominations and voting for the TRR Awards will be interpreted and decided.  Fans and Artists, along with the Texas music entertainment industry, all have the opportunity to nominate and vote to recognize the artist, broadcasters and industry for the efforts they expend in developing and continuing the Texas/Red Dirt genre.

To have nomination and voting privileges, you must be a member in good standing of the Texas Regional Radio & Music Association (TRRMA).  All membership applications are subject to final approval of the Association’s Board of Directors and are located on the TRRMA.NET website.

The TRRMA is always looking for new ways to promote Texas/Red Dirt country music and grow within the industry.  Members are the backbone of the organization, and the Group relies on their support to develop programs that expose the world to not only the best of Texas/Red Dirt music, but also the future artists of this genre’.  The Texas Regional Radio and Music Association group is an organization formed to promote the Texas/Red Dirt Music scene by co-hosting the awards show and radio seminar/summit with the Texas Regional Radio Report.

For many years, Nashville has held their annual Country Radio Seminar designed to help radio with programming, sales and promotions but there has not been an awards show or seminar for radio stations or artists that are geared to our format’s specific needs until T3R and TRRMA.

The initial founding member, Dave Smith of the Texas Regional Radio Report and Dave Smith Promotions, gathered a group of peers with same desires and opinions as consultants and founding committee members to assist, guide, direct, develop and produce the TRR Music Awards Show and Seminar.  Gerrie McDowell of Gerrieco Texas and Tami Millspaugh of Texas Record Chick Promotions, LLC continue supporting this effort with their knowledge, expertise and experiences.  All founding members have extensive backgrounds in radio and/or in radio/record promotions and marketing for major record labels throughout their years in Regional, National or Executive industry positions.   All now work with Texas Regional Radio Chart reporters who, over time, have expressed their frustration with programming Texas/Red Dirt Music, declining sales, formatting clocks and record industry relationships just to name a few.

Our event is hosted solely with the intention of providing a quality event for the participants, award winners, award show attendees and, of course & most importantly, the fans.  We look forward to seeing you at this star studded annual event.