Artist/DJ Taping Session

ARTIST/DJ Taping Session

As we dedicate our mission to providing our Texas/Red Dirt music and radio industry with the opportunity to look at current issues and discuss a healthy way to develop this genre for the future and our fans,  participants and professionals... the TRRMA continues to host an annual event where we gather for an educational and entertaining seminar as well as offer networking opportunities targeted to look at current issues facing our industry opening an avenue to discuss effective methods to grow and succeed.

For the first time, the TRRMA will offer an ARTIST/DJ Taping session where artists will be available to record liners, station ID’s and short interviews all in one room with radio.  This taping session idea is meeting with great excitement for the opportunity to gather multiple artist for individual recordings in a 3½ hour session... which in some cases may be unobtainable or difficult to get.

TRRMA will keep you informed as artists sign up for the session. To reserve your spot – artist or radio, email or