Co-Hosts Announced

BRI BAGWELL - 4 time FEMALE VOCALIST of the year returns to our TRRMA stage with her charm and elegance and the only female to posts two solo number one charted songs last year.  She will perform this year and if you have never seen her on stage, do yourself a favor and find show anywhere in the TRR region. See why she was the only female listed in the Texas Music Top Ten performers.  And besides... someone needs to help the Morning Fiasco look better.

JIM NASH AND CAREY DEAN - 6 time On-Air Personalities of the Year for medium market will bring their wit and brains to the stages of the 7th annual TRRMA Music Awards show.  There's is one of the swiftness most entertaining morning shows you will ever hear. Take time to go through Corsicana, Texas and tune in to 106.9 The Ranch to have your day brighten and completed.



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